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Is it really JULY already?

Just like that it has already been OVER ONE year since Broke & Bourgeois has been born and I must admit I am as broke as ever!

If you read one of my last post, I had just paid of my credit cards and was in the midst of looking for a new job and moving out and had all these plans…. Things were starting to looking up.

El Oh EL

Everything seemed to be going well. I had a job interview at a very elite company, one that I dreamed of working for. I was so EXCITED!! I just knew this was my come up, this is what I have been waiting for. This was it, God had answered my call!

Prior to the interview, I busted my ass to redo my print portfolio and went out and bought my first real big girl work dress. Look good feel good right? I went to the mall dropped a pretty Benji on a dress from White House Black Market. (SN: I tried going to Banana Republic because I have a card with them but they were rude and no one greeted me so I left.) I am so glad I went to a “grown” store because the lady that interviewed me loved my dress and eventually asked where I got it from before I left. I was glad I didn’t go to like Forver21 or TJ Maxx.

Face of Confidence

The interview went great! She loved my work, my resume, said I was very talented and had even let me know I was ahead of some of my competitors. You could not tell me I didn’t get the job. I was willing to bet money! Hell, I was ready to quit my job immediately after the interview, I felt so great.

Luckily, I took my happy ass work and did not quit because a week later I received this email:

Hi, Nailah!

I hope you are doing well!

You did a great job on this brochure and with the writing, and it was a very tough decision for us, but ultimately, we have offered the position to another applicant. You are incredibly talented and a pleasure to speak to, and so professional. I truly wish I had more than one position open!

She also passed my resume along, which was nice of her. I then sent a follow up email asking if there was anything I could have done differently. This is the response I got:

Hi, Nailah,

I’ll be honest, I’m struggling to find something to suggest to you, and I am a pretty opinionated person. You had wonderful responses, you were articulate, thoughtful, dressed professionally, had your resume and portfolio beautifully displayed and you present yourself as confident and passionate. You are creative, inspired … and you followed up with a thank you note. You are a role model for anyone applying for a job! Thank you for being so wonderful!

You really made it a difficult choice for me and it did come down to the fact that the other top applicant had a bit of experience in real estate, and that just makes the learning curve a little bit easier. I have no doubt you would’ve picked it up quickly and I hope that ---- will reach out to you! I sent your resume to them last night and they confirmed receipt! I have your resume saved, too, so I can continue to stay in touch with you as new positions open up as I would love for our paths to cross again.


I was pretty bummed for a while. I cried for a couple days. But I figure everything happens for a reason. I was given some better projects at work so I’d figure I stick it out for a while longer.

When it comes to moving out, I thought I’d have a better job by now so that backfired a bit. Not having a better job also resulted in my credit cards racking back up. Which I'm not trippin or at least not trying to let it stress me because, the way I look at it, money comes and money goes. I can always make more money. And if I am reading the signs the Universe are sending me – correctly.... then them bad boys will paid off in no time!

Being that things have not gone the way I planned, not gonna lie, I’ve been a little down. This is my first post since my birthday, which was supposed to be my big return. I admit, again, I have been slacking. Sometimes I feel like I have so much drive and ambition and ideas that I get extremely overwhelmed which causes me to just shut down. I have been on shut down mode the last few months and I am ready to be done with it!!!

In high school and college I was always on the go. I had a million things going at once. I didn’t know how to sit down. Hell, I couldn't. Now that I have graduated, I still have a lot going on, but they are all personal—this blog, my youtube (I'm working on...), freelance designing…. It’s more difficult to stay on top of things because I am the only one at fault if things don’t done. If I don’t complete my to-do list, it’s not the end of the world, nobody knows but me. I don’t face the consequences right away as if I fail to study and get an F on a test, or if I don’t do something for an org or club that benefits everyone.

So from here on out I am recommitting. I find that this blog, does give me a slight sense of therapy. I don’t have many followers and have not grown in the way I envisioned when I started a year ago but I so grateful for the few followers I have!! I know who you faithful watchers are and I love y’all for that. You help keep me going!

While this year has proven to be more of a struggle than I thought, not everything is so bad. The universe has been sending me tons of positives signs that I am not taking lightly. I know there is so much destined for me and that the good Lord did not intend for me to be broke my entire life. So with that being said,

I am technically//officially a business owner!!

Guava58 LLC, Neue and Vintage Thrifted Goods is in the works!

So like I always say STAY TUNED! Greatness is in the making I PROMISE! I was hoping to have something up and popping for yall like yesterday lol but hang in there it’s coming!

If you read this entire thing, you a real one, and I appreciate you.

Thank you.


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