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Behind the Look: Birthday Edition

Photo: The Real Pic Plug

Makeup: Makeup By Lona

There is only 1 out of 365 days that are especially for me, and that one day is February 9. This is I didn't do anything too grand, I kind of went with the flow. Being the fashionista diva that I am, I still felt like I needed a banging outfit to celebrate my new year of life!

Therefore, I decided to have a birthday shoot. Twenty-four, almost a quarter of a year. We're told your mid-twenties are supposed to be the time of your life. And whilst I feel like someone lied to me.... I wanted to start a new tradition of having a....

(thinking of a name)

birthday manifesto outfit!

oooooooo..... I like the sound of tha

I want this chapter of my life to be filled with growth and positivity. I am just about grown now; I say just about because I still live with parents so I still don't feel "all-the-way" grown. I wanted this shoot to represent confidence and maturity in a fun playful way.

I started off very confused. I had no idea what look I wanted to portray. After about two weeks of online browsing and just throwing random things in my cart and exploring looks via the great world wide web, I was able to slowly piece things together. As per usual, I waited later than I should have and did have to scramble a week prior. The stress was real.

For look 1, (lets call that R.B.R. - Risky Business Remix) I put together a pinterest board. I wanted to serve yall laid back pudding with an extra side of diva. I purchased the tights from Fashion Nova, originally for NYE and never wore them. I believe they were ten dollars. Anyone want to take a stab at where the large shirt came from

That's right, you guessed it. The THRIFT store! I went in thinking I just wanted a solid cotton white shirt. But found this chic ivory, silky one instead. And the best part about it... only $3.99!

Look two, wasn't a breeze like RBR. All I knew was that I wanted something bold and breath taking. I needed a show-stopper, jaw dropper. I just went to several sites and found things that I like. Over the course of several days, I added things, removed things... some things run out of my size. Interestingly, I never really developed a precise look. I knew I wanted a baret type hat. I then found the skirt and fell in love with the orange color. I also knew I wanted a lilac/lavender -- its just my color.

Plus birthday= February=amethyst=purple.

Below is what I pieced together before making my purchases.

Example A

I ended up getting majority of my outfit (earrings, top, skirt, shoes) from Pretty Little Things. The shoes displayed in example A (lol) ran out of my size before I could buy them. However, I like the shoes I ended up getting better anyways! I spent a total of $80.85 with a discount code from a flash sale they were having. I ordered, or so I thought I did, a leather hat from Dolls Kill but realized I didn't after not receiving tracking information. Luckily I found that cute Kango hat from Rag-O-Rama, a thrift store in Little Five Points for just six bucks. There I also found a purse that matched perfectly. I do not recall the price.

Look two didn't come together until the night before. And I call her, Mademoiselle Jessica Conejo (conejo means rabbit in Spanish.) I felt like I was kinda going for a French feel but once it all came together I felt like I looked kinda Afro-Latina and like Jessica Rabbit. And that my friends, is diva's birthday meal--fashion style.

OH! And I can't forget to mention SASHA, my wig. She was a key role in helping me serve y'all these looks. I got her from the beauty supply after falling in love with her weeks prior. She had me feeling like Beyonce Minaj.

Let's see if this year is as bomb as my shoot!