chapter xxiv

February 9, 2018

New year-New me!


Since my birthday is still kind of the beginning of the year, this is when I feel like it's best to start. So my "new year" technically starts now. I know, I've been on a little hiatus, but I needed to take a step back and figure some things out. I'm glad I did. I feel refreshed and recharged and I have a better understanding of things.


So with that said.... here is a review of my past year.

(My Jordan year, which I still never bought a pair this year like I said I would.)


Any who, SZA was not lying when she said

"God Bless the twenty-somethings."


Twenty-Three was a rough year. Well.....

I take that back. It started of real rough but it ended on a good note. I cut out meat, have been on time to work, and have even taking more time  for yoga!!


This year, for Diva Day (my birthday), I decided to just take a "ME" day. I feel like every year I do the most trying to plan something and things never go right. So I said forget it, I'll wake up and do as I please. Wear what I want, eat what I want....etc. etc. 


As mentioned, the beginning of 2018/ year 23 of my life was rough. I was in both financial and a bit of legal trouble. I was in a car accident... I just felt like life was knocking me all upside my head. Not to mention, I was going through my self-diagnosed "quarter-life crisis."  Emotionally, I was just all over the place. Which eventually took a toll on my physical health. (I'm Gucci btw)


Some storms last longer than others, but it can't rain forever. My entire year wasn't all gloomy and miserable. lol For starters, I started this blog. It was a random thought at work one day and came to life one week later. I'm not sure where I'm headed but I'm down for the ride. Some other sunny highlights of my year were

  • Seeing Damien Marley Live. It was absolutely amazing!

  • Afropunk

  • The birth of my beautiful little cousin

  • Paid of my thousands of dollars of credit cards debt off, and got my credit back right

  • Finally loc'd my hair (see my new YOUTUBE video)

**Just to name a few//in no particular oder


&& If I didn't learn anything else this year, I learned that I have an amazing support system. I can't say or tweet it enough!! My friends and family really kept me afloat when I needed it most and I'm not even sure they know it!


I've also learned that, change does not come without self-discipline. And if I want a different lifestyle then I need start walking the walk and talking the talk. As of now, I am on track to move out in a few months and officially starting my own business. By 2019, I want to buy a house! 


[2017] not my year, but there was growth

[2018] laying the foundation

[2019] my year && I am CLAIMING IT


I also have several projects that are in the works and I can't wait to tell you all more. But for now, just relax, support, and go SUBSCRIBE to my new YouTube channel!


Cheers to 24!!



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