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So word on the street is that Rihanna has a new boo thang!!! And from what we can see, dats bae and we all need to find us one....

Now, discussion of this tweet has been all up and down my TL the last two days.

**Takes deep breath.

Here are my thoughts:


Yeah, I said it. Believe it or not, that's facts. As I was reading all the comments, I realize that people think gestures like this are normal. NEWSFLASH!!!! It's not. Unfortunately.

I don't mean in a literal sense--even though that is still true literally. I mean, in this day and age, it is sooooooo difficult to find a guy that will take you out and do cute little things like this. I have basically been single my entire adult life--this being one reason.

I think the point homegirl aka @_princesskam was trying to make is that it is hard to find a guy to treat you the way you want to really be treated.

And the male response is so RI-DICK-U-LOUS!!!!!! It frustrates me. It really does.

Here a just a few replies:

OKAY! For starters HALF of ya'll can't even spell. And is Rihanna the only one that deserves flowers and coffee? And to @MrLawson, you, along with all these other scrubs are missing the point. Yes, we like "basic shit" too, but ya'll can't even do that. It's like you don't even know treat a lady regardless of her expectations. (Just keep reading though, Ima get back to you sir.)

I am not sure I will be able to properly get my point across, cause ya'll dudes really don't get it. Quite frankly this shouldn't even be a thing. But, here we go....


Let me take another second to get my thoughts together....


First, let me just say I am speaking from my experience, and those close to me (who I know all the tea about.) However, I am sure I can relate to plenty other women out there.

Referring back to the MAIN point of homegirl's tweet:

Guys don't do ANYTHING anymore to go out of their way, to show a girl how they feel.

I have never been completely swept off my feet. A lot of people will now say things like, "Well, you not dating the right ones." or "Maybe, they don't like you because if a man likes you he'll show it." blah blah blah

Which I get, clearly I am not dating the right ones because I am still single.

Now, I am 23 years old. And I have only ever been on ONE real date. I mean like a movie type date. I was a freshman in college and this guy from my class, who was like 23, kinda strange but very smart and kinda handsome. He was Laotian, if I remember correctly...

Anyways, he asked me out on a date. Not knowing what to expect, I said sure. He picked me up from my dorm and was waiting outside his car. He even opened my car door. (Which is rare now a days.) We went to a fancy restaurant with a candlelit dinner, and then to a play. It was chilly and he gave me his jacket....a great date. I don't remember what happened after that..... I think he moved away or something. IDK!

Aside from that, no one has ever come close to that! I have never even had a man buy me flowers other than my dad! Or do anything real cute for that matter.

Back to @MrLawson and these expectations you tweet of (get it, instead of speak of... lol) It's not that our expectations are low or that we do not expect better, we're just tired of them not being met, even the most basic ones.

And yes, I am a hopeless romantic, and I will remain single until someone does woo me and treat me like the QUEEN I am. But by the looks of it, it'll still be a while because fellas now and days really don't know how to treat a lady. Dating is not what it used to be or what I thought it would be growing up and I am sure social media has a part in that.

It's not just about flowers and coffee, all though I do love flowers... (I'm more of a tea person, so take me to Teavana or something.) Us women, just want to feel special. Talk is cheap. We need more than just Goodnight/morning text or a WCW post. We are still waiting for guys to prove to us chivalry is not dead.

And no, I am not bitter. Just stating facts. I just want my flowers while I'm living. Is really that too much to ask?

***These are my personal thoughts and opinions. If you don't agree, that's cool. you don't have to agree. I will not argue with you. 🙃


Diva ✨

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