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Okay now, I know ya'll watched the BET Awards. If you didn't it will be running on BET nonstop for about the next 6 months.... lol jk maybe the next 4 months. Being the DIVA I am you know I have something to say about these looks that were served!

While there were many many looks, that I could comment on-- and there was a lot. Here are my top HOT & NOT looks.

First up...


When I first seen her look, I did not like it. I liked the jean but I wasn't sure about the construction of the garment. I love that she wore her hair out. And if you know me, you know I love my hoops. Although this was not my favorite look she still served face and her confidence/glow helped save this look. Now her second look was a look, I actually liked that better than the jean.



YASSSSS. Really, what else is there to say? That gold is IT. Three snaps. #shedidthat



I hated it. She was cute....but I was not feeling it. When I was little I had this pink flamingo stuffed animal that I loved and that is what she reminds me of--- either that or shredded pink insulation in an old house.



Love the color. Very different. I think had this dress been any other shape or material I would have hated it. She was sleek. She was sexy. Can't say that I am a fan of the blonde hair though. Definitely feel like I was hella thirsty and she quenched my thirst with a grape soda. #thepurplefantana



....why? Girl? I really like Justine Sky, I think she is gorgeous and underrated. I was expecting a LOOK from her and this was not it. It looks like something that was designed by contestant from Project Runway Junior. Her hair was too simple. Just not good. And the colors-- I just don't even know.



I LOVED THIS LOOK. That red was ever-reeee-thing. Cardi always surprises me. I was not expecting this look from her but the slayage was real. She reads BOSS BXTCH and I'm here to stay. She aint your regula, degula, shmegula girl anymore. I'm getting tired of seeing this platinum blonde bob--but in this case it works. I think a nice slick pony would have been nice too. Then she really would have been giving us Gabrielle Union, in Two Can Play That Game. I think she could have taken it one notch higher and did a red lip. (Might as well right?)



I almost liked this look, but after a good stare, NAH. I actually really love those jeans with that heel and I maybe would have liked the glasses but that top I just can't get jiggy with. And she isn't serving face or in other words I don't feel as if she is really..... OWNING it. Maybe it would help if she was delivering more sass or fierceness.



Gorgeous. I love the whole color scheme, love the hair and makeup, and the shoe. However, if I could, I would remove the flowers on her shoulder and I don't like the way that bra pad looks. Looks like it was added last minute? Other than that, she is good in my book.



LEGS FA DAYS! I LOVE IT! I like how she kinda matches this years theme. She's so cute. I would remove the necklace, but other than that she is WERKING IT. Oh, and that hair is giving me black Barbie.



Girl, you betta! Pure perfection. #Carmellowho



Girl. WHAT. IS. THIS?!



Heaven Sent. Really feeling this color on her. I absolutely love the shoes and bag. I also really love the shimmer. It's just right for the BET Awards. I have nothing to critique. #issalook



I really like Goapele, so I don't even wanna say anything. The color is very vibrant, matches her personality. But, this dress is just not sitting right with me... I'm also not feeling her shoes or earrings. Now unlike, Ryan Destiny, her radiance makes this dress okay. Regardless on whether or not I like her outfit, she still looks beautiful.


I think maybe her and Goapele went to the fabric store together and just pinned some fabric together. Reminds me of TOGA night at one of my high school football games. Not a fan at all. If I seen this photo and didn't know where she was at, I would guess that she was on her way to a wedding that she was a bridesmaid in. Too basic, would look tons better if different fabric and color. Love you girl. Sorry...



Keyshia gave me back my life every time they showed her on the screen.

Classy and sexy. Really feeling the hair. Also, peep her ring, that literally pops off her finger!



I don't even know where to begin. Like I really don't know. My first question is, what is the point of the nude piece covering her cleavage? Sigh. Just no. I'm not even about to rack my brain on this look.



How old is she again?! Love how mature yet age appropriate this dress is! You GO GIRL!


And for my BEST AND WORST DRESSED.......

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