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Real Fan Love: The Struggle to Find an Outfit for Chance the Rapper

WOO WHOO!!! (in my best Chance The Rapper voice)

As to be expected the G.O.A.T -- (yes I said it) put on an another AMAZING show! Any one who knows me, knows that I absolutely love Chance. This was my 5th show and if I wasn't so #broke I think I would be a roadie.....

I can't even rate all the shows I've seen b/c they are all a 13 on a scale of 1-10. However, I will say his stage effects, lightings, smoke etc. has come a long way! Also, DJ Oreo did his thang.


Any who, every concert I go to I like to be fly. I HAVE to have a outfit. I just have to. However this go around, I told myself I wouldn't be extra. Most of the people that go to Channo's concert are pretty basic. (No offense) But they are very casual and don't do the most. So I said I would try to fit in with the crowd.

The goal nine times out of ten for me is to be cute and comfortable -- (cause I am not wearing heels to another concert. That's dead. ) But then, I got this genius idea.

I want to match the cover artwork on Coloring Book! So, first, I headed to Fashion Nova. I had a gift card, so I wasn't spending any "real" money. I started looking for a cute white bodysuit that I could tie-dye. Found one, and ordered it. For anyone who shops at Fashion Nova, you know they got that flat-rate 2-day shipping, which was perfect 'cause I waited a lil too late anyways.

So in the mean time, I head to Michael's and get some tie-dye, and grabbed a white bandanna for the hell of it. I wanted to test out the colors and everything before dyed my bodysuit. I tested out some different techniques on the bandana and some old white tees I had. My bandana came out PERFECT!!!!! I kid you not! It didn't take me long to mix colors either, which I was very particular about. Because if you look at the Coloring Book, its like a peach color; not really orange, not really pink. I was very being very picky. One of the shirts I did, didn't turn out too bad either. The colors were spot on. So, now that that all worked out, I could NOT wait for my bodysuit to come in!

In the midst of waiting, I look up the bodysuit to see what kind of fabric it was, which I should have checked before I even purchased it. I see that it's nylon...not cotton like the other things I tested. So I'm freaking out, doing my research on how to properly dye synthetic materials and what not. When I was in school I took a textiles class... so I kinda knew what I was doing. But not really. But what I did know, was that I was not about to test my luck and the thing not turn out right, then I really wouldn't be able to get my coins back!

So a freaking WEEK later, after drama with my mail carrier (another story for another day) -- my bodysuit finally arrives!! So of course I'm anxious to try it on....try it on and it is NOT cute. Well, it was cute, just not on me. So now I am a mess. It is WEDNESDAY and the concert is on Sunday. And dying things take time. So now I have to find something new and dye it?!

So now I feel like the pressure is on. I ended up buying a $4 basic bodysuit from Forever 21, I also found a white cotton basic pencil skirt for about $8. Now I bought the $4 bodysuit on Thursday. Go home and I the colors were off. So that's out. Friday I go back and find the skirt. I figure I can pair it with a white camisole and tie it up into a crop. Simple, but cute. Well........


Now I feel like all hope is lost. I have no idea what I am going to do. Saturday, I am back in the mall looking for something else. I still wanted to stay true and go with the color scheme. So i found these cute lil velour shorts at H&M. When I got home and tried them on, they looked like pajama shorts! FML (They could be cute with heels, but I WAS NOT wearing heels) Now I am basically in tears.

So SUNDAY!!!! THE DAY OF. And ya girl STILL has no idea what to wear. At this point, I had just about given up. I was ready to wear my thrift store mom jeans and a solid white crop top with my lil bandana and some Chucks, and call it a day. #overit

I decide to call in my judging panel... aka my sister and my cousin. They look at me crazy and tell me to bring down all my options. So I bring them everything I went out and bought and dyed in the last week. With their help we finally come up with a solution...

I ended up wearing the shirt I dyed on the first night. SMH I flipped it inside out, cause I had bought it at the thrift store and there was a weird painting of a man smoking a cigar on it? Then I cut along the collar to make it go off the shoulder and paired it with some jean shorts that I already had and threw on my bandana/headband. I even bought some cute ivory and sparkly chucks but forgot them when I packed my outfit so I was left with my black huaraches, which worked out.

So ALL DAT and I ended up not even having to spend any money outside of the dye and the 99cent bandana. lol and This is why I am broke.... On the bright side I have two new pieces for another day. I would say three but that bodysuit from Fashion Nova will be returned!

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